A Major Obsession with Minis


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Yes you read it right, I have a major obsession with miniatures.  I always have, since I was a little girl collecting my grandma’s tiny perfume bottles and those adorable little lipstick tubes that Avon used to do for lip color samples.  Oh my goodness.  Those were my favorite.  I can still remember the smells. Anyways, to this day I can’t pass up an opportunity to do something in mini form.  So these cuties, of course, make my nose scrunch and I find myself talking in a baby voice.  Call me weird, but you’ll do the same when you see them.  These are so perfect for a sweet little thinking of you gift, favors for a party,  place card holders and take home gifts for dinner parties or even a wedding.  They come in some great colors too.



I used the bottle of oil for size comparison.  It was the closest tiny thing I could grab. (And everyone needs citrus fresh in their life.)


Ok, see, you’re talking in your tiny baby voice now too right? Well, all the same…these are calling out to you for your next gift for a sweet friend or your big day – sometimes all it takes to make a big splash is something tiny!

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