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My third baby was lip tied and tongue tied in the posterior until 8 months old. 8 long months. I can’t tell you how many times I was in bed with flu like symptoms that popped up over night, flushed, itchy breast and of course lots of tears and toe curling when trying to feed my sweet girl. When we were in Colorado visiting friends and Evvy was 5 weeks old I had my first round. I didn’t know what it was, since I never had it with my others, until my friend said “this is mastitis girl!” A.friend of hers brought me some samples and a few hot showers and oils rubs later I was feeling so much better. And most importantly, nursing again with out discomfort. When I got back home I quickly whipped up my own blend and now always keep some made in a little mason jar for quick access amd easy sharing.

Boobie Blend:
1/4 cup Carrier oil- I like fractionated coconut oil best but apricot, almond or avacado oils are great too.
15 drops Frankincense
15 drops Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree)
15 drops Thieves
5 drops lavender

You can always add in another of your favorites too, like gentle baby or fennel to help support your milk supply. I like lavender because I always have such severe itching and the lavender is so soothing. This is a strong blend, so apply immediately after feeding so that at least 45 minutes have passed before you feed again. The oil will be absorbed and feeding baby will safe. Change nursing pads frequently.


(Oils in pic are not the oils used in the blend FYI)

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