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This is so super easy it doesn’t really deserve to be called a recipe. But I get asked all the time where I buy it and what I put in it. So here it is! I love it because the kids can make it, we just use whatever we have on hand, it’s all stuff I usually have in the pantry or the freezer and there is something in it for everyone. Although picking out the chocolate will get your hand smacked, as my kids very well know! 


Here it is, simple as it may be…
Salted Cashews
Salted Roasted Almonds
Salted Sunflower Seeds
Toasted Coconut Flakes
Dark Chocolate Chips
White Chocolate Chips

Now, I cannot justify the white chocolate chips but they just balance the dark chocolate so well and I can justify it. So justification by association right? 😉 I usually do 1 cup of each, except double up on the sunflower seeds because they are my fave!  You can do all unsalted or all salted if you like,  but I think this is the perfect balance of salty to sweet.  This makes a big ole bowl but it’s just enough to send a little tub with my hubby to work and then fill the big glass snack jar.  I always end up having a bowl out for easy snacking.  It’s quick, almost healthy and it’s about the only way I can get any nuts into my kids.   I hope you enjoy!

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We drove across the river into Kentucky to pick blueberries yesterday morning.  The kids were so excited the could hardly stay in the seats for the 40 minute drive. They recently found our old handheld camcorder amd have been taking it everywhere to capture stories and their deep thoughts. Or made up jokes.  Whatever the moment brings. It’s so cute! They are like little documentarians when they speak into the camera to narrate. We lasted surprisingly long in the heat and me with baby Ev on my back! And we got a load of blueberries for only $7.50! High Hill Orchard is such a great place to pick. It’s ran by a young family with 4 children and it’s all organic. And the experience is worth the drive, sweat and bug bites. It even converted my non-blueberry-eating child into a blueberry muncher! So we had to make a cobbler for our family reunion in Gatlinburg this weekend of course! I modified a recipe, so I’ll write it up amd post later this week. But i hafta tell you, when my husband took his first bite…he hugged me. And then he said “you have arrived, you have arrived.” I knew exactly what he meant. After years of living in the shadow of an ex girlfriend’s mom’s cobbler for 10 years, these words were using to my ears. But more on that later!