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So if we’ve ever met, you know I’m terrible with details. Not just the little insignificant kind. No, that would be no biggie. The big ones. Like bowls at an Ice Cream Sunday birthday party. Cash for change at Handmade Markets. Ya, the glaring obvious kind. That’s just how I roll. (Thank God for the detail oriented people in the world!) I open up my new mini- shop here in town, at the Bitterman this weekend, well Monday, officially. But some how just thought about business cards! Details! I have a zillion old ones but I don’t want to confuse people with a Colorado address and an old email. That’s just not good business. I used Tiny Prints & CAN’T wait to get my gorgeous cards! I’ll post pics when they come. Or better yet, I’ll mail you one if you want!

Here is a referral code so I get the cool points for referring you, you get $20 credit!!! aaaaaand free shipping with the code FREESHIP1. Happy shopping!



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